Virtually every successful project requires its Owner to consider and answer three basic questions:

  • – How will my project be managed?
  • – Who will manage my project?
  • – Who will represent my interests?

Traditionally, many Owners have relied on an in-house staff that is charged with selecting, directing and coordinating the activities of numerous project professionals; Including Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers or General Contractors. The effective organization of diverse skillsets is essential to moving a project or program from concept to completion. In cases where an organization maintains an effective in-house capability, the traditional model can, and still, delivers acceptable project results.

However, a changing economy, specialization, downsizing and outsourcing have resulted in the reduction or even elimination of many former in-house capabilities. This has occurred concurrent with a technology-based explosion which has affected every aspect of our lives, especially the built environment. The practical result is that we are now creating the most efficient and technologically complex buildings in history. Illustratively, matters related to integrated network capabilities, digital voice communication (VOIP), WiFi, network and data security, low frequency broadcasting, environmental and municipal compliance are complex and integral considerations in any major capital undertaking.

Dettore Associates has been providing the answers to the questions "How" and "Who" for Owners since 1987, and provides those answers as its sole business. The key to Dettore's success is rooted in its approach of providing only senior level Managers, Engineers and Architects to best complement an Owner's current capabilities. Dettore has the expertise to assist Owners in an analysis of needs to determine the most cost-effective means of completing a project in a manner that best furthers the Owner’s interest.

The assignment of talented and proven senior staff provides maximum impact and minimizes Owner worries.

Objective, conflict-free representation cannot be provided to an Owner by an entity already possessing the responsibility to design or build a project.

Dettore Associates has assisted some of the most recognized public and private entities achieve their long range development objectives. Whether fast-track renovation of schools in a most demanding municipal environment, or complex reconstruction of a high rise office building in a dense urban setting, Dettore Associates has enabled Owners to complete their projects on time and under budget.